who is lilith in supernatural

Lilith, a dominant opponent in the TV series Supernatural, serves as the primary opposition during Seasons 3 and 4, before turning into a supporting figure during Season 15. With white eyes and a great deal of power, she serves under Lucifer as his first demon and as the Queen of Hell. Continue reading to learn who is Lilith in Supernatural.

Who is Lilith in Supernatural

Katherine Boecher, Katie Cassidy, Sierra McCormick, Rachel Pattee, and most recently Anna Grace Barlow have all portrayed her character. Barlow played both Lilith and Bethany Stevens in Scream Queens.

Lilith Supernatural History

Lilith was the first demon, created when Lucifer turned a human into an evil spirit for defying God’s command to bow before humans. God punished Lucifer by imprisoning him in Hell. He later corrupted Cain and Abel, leading to his deeper confinement in Hell. Lilith spent significant time on Earth, possessing and slaying humans, converting them into Lucifer’s minions. Eventually, she has locked away in Hell with Lucifer.

Who is God on Supernatural?

In the Supernatural books, Lilith escaped Hell and possessed one of Sam’s teachers to groom him for Lucifer’s possession. However, Dean and John foiled her plan and sent her back to Hell after a fierce showdown on a railway.

In 1978, Lucifer utilized the corpse of a deceased nun during a sacrifice to instruct Azazel to locate and release Lilith from Hell. Lilith was the only being capable of freeing Lucifer from the cage in deep Hell.

How Many Seasons are in Supernatural?

In 2006, the Winchesters carried out an intense interrogation of a demon who had knowledge of Lilith’s location in Hell and how she could be set free. Consequently, Lilith eventually escaped Hell when Azazel manipulated Jake, one of his followers with psychic powers, into going within a giant Devil’s Trap where he then opened the Hell’s Gate. She was one among several imps who fled, although their plans were foiled when Dean Winchester succeeded in killing Azazel.

Lilith; Leader of Demons in Supernatural

Lilith eventually rose to the position of leader of the demons. Victor Henriksen, who initially suspected Sam and Dean of committing the supernatural-related murders, when he found himself caught in the middle of the fight against demons, assisted the brothers. Subsequently, Lilith entered and, after possessing a young girl, murdered him and his companions in a burst of light.

Who is Lilith in Supernatural?

It later transpired that Lilith was the demon who held the contracts for anybody who sold their soul to the demonic realm, such as Dean, who had done so to revive Sam subsequently to his murder by Jake. Determined to end Lilith’s scheme, the brothers undertook a quest to hunt her down. Initially, Lilith had taken control of another little girl but eventually possessed the body of Ruby, who, in turn, was possessing another vessel. Lilith ordered hellhounds to attack and kill Dean, sending him to Hell. However, Lilith’s powers did not work on Sam, resulting in her withdrawal.

Sixty-six seals required breaking to free Lucifer. Lilith, aided in secret by Ruby, persuaded Sam to use his powers and commenced breaking the seals once Alastair tortured Dean into breaking the first in Hell. The angels arrived on the scene with Castiel resurrecting Dean, and they sought to manipulate Lilith into destroying the seals, thus enabling Michael and Lucifer to have their inevitable conflict.

Lilith and the Final Seal

During the second to last episode of Season 4, it comes to light that Lilith feeds on infants that were readied by her servant. Sam and Ruby pursue her servant, subjecting her to torture to extract information about Lilith’s whereabouts. Ultimately, Sam and Ruby locate Lilith, who was believed to be the sole entity capable of breaking the final seal. Unbeknownst to Sam, however, Lilith actually was the last seal, prompting Castiel to rebel against Heaven and tell Dean of this revelation.

Lilith Supernatural Gallery

Using his demon-slaying skills, Sam targets Lilith at the convent where Azazel killed the nuns. Dean, present there, faces interference from Ruby as he tries to intervene. Despite this, Lilith taunts Sam to continue, and he uses his powers to slay her, freeing Lucifer once again.

A decade later, God resurrects Lilith from the Empty for his plot against the Winchester brothers. In a young woman’s body, she aims to retrieve the Equalizer, the only weapon that can harm God, which the Winchesters possess. Posing as a victim of werewolf brothers, she tricks the hunters into rescuing her, leading to the werewolves’ demise. Her true identity and intentions are revealed when she accidentally impales herself on deer antlers.

Supernatural Complete Series Summary

After incapacitating Sam, Dean tries to deceive Lilith into thinking he will lead her to the Equalizer. During their journey, Lilith unveils God’s plan for him and his brother: fratricide. When they reach their motel, Dean admits the weapon is missing, prompting Lilith to resort to torture. Sam reappears and shoots Lilith with a devil’s trap bullet, planning to kill her with the Demon Blade. However, Lilith reveals her previous death was intentional, removes the bullet telekinetically, and creates an earthquake, forcing the brothers to escape.

As the Winchesters try to reach their car, Lilith immobilizes them and finds the Equalizer in the Impala’s glove compartment. She melts the weapon despite the brothers’ protests. With her task complete, Lilith bids the brothers farewell, hinting at a future encounter before teleporting away.

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“Who is Lilith in Supernatural” Trivia

  • In the Supernatural novel “War of the Sons,” Lilith is revealed to have two siblings: Eisheth and Agrat Bat Mahlat.
  • Remarkably, Lilith is the only significant antagonist in Supernatural who accomplished her ultimate goal, achieving victory over the Winchesters, albeit posthumously.
  • Notably, Lilith was the first character to successfully kill Dean Winchester.
  • Interestingly, all of Lilith’s hosts have been blonde, with the exception of her debut appearance in a brunette girl.
  • Given her actions such as possessing young girls and devouring infants, many consider her the most malevolent villain in the series.
  • Lilith holds the distinction of being the first demon in the series to be resurrected.

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