Supernatural, a globally admired TV series, enthralls with tales of two brothers battling supernatural entities. Fans frequently inquire about the actual shooting locations, given the show’s myriad fictional settings. This article unveils the real-life locales that breathed life into Supernatural’s extensive run.

Where Was Supernatural Filmed?

Supernatural, spanning 15 seasons, was chiefly filmed in Vancouver, Canada, and Los Angeles, California. Dubbed Hollywood North, Vancouver was the series’ main filming hub. Its varied landscapes and picturesque natural settings offered an ideal backdrop for the supernatural adventures of the Winchester brothers. Vancouver’s forests, coasts, and mountains often became the eerie, atmospheric settings of the series.

Los Angeles, alternatively, provided varied, contrasting vistas to Vancouver’s lush scenes. It brought urban and suburban environments crucial for diverse story arcs.

Dark alleys and deserted buildings in the city offered a unique architectural and energetic dynamic to the series. Particularly, it is vividly showcased in episodes set in the demon-riddled city of Chicago.

Exploring the Real-Life Sites Behind Supernatural

Supernatural enthusiasts can explore several actual locations featured in the series. A pinnacle location is the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California. This ominous mansion, renowned for its bizarre architecture and endless rooms, inspired the Winchester surname and their fictional family history. While not a filming location, fans can tour this historic site and plunge into the Winchesters’ supernatural world.

Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver is another notable site. This scenic park, frequently portrayed as the enchanting forests explored by the Winchester brothers, welcomes visitors to traverse its lush trails and suspension bridge. Moreover, fans might visit the Britannia Mine Museum in British Columbia, a filming site for numerous underground scenes, embodying Supernatural’s signature eerie ambiance.

Although Supernatural weaves a fictional story, its real-life filming sites lend a tangible authenticity. From Vancouver’s verdant expanses to Los Angeles’ vibrant streets, these sites are ingrained in Supernatural’s visual essence. For fans, exploring these locations offers a singular chance to enter the Winchester brothers’ world and firsthand encounter the supernatural.


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