Supernatural Season 2 Episode 8

Supernatural Season 2 Episode 8 kicks off with individuals experiencing haunting visions shortly before dying in tragic accidents. Sam and Dean investigate and discover these victims had one thing in common: they all made a deal with a crossroads demon, trading their soul for a wish.

Crossroad Ritual

Digging deeper, the brothers learn about the ritual to summon a crossroads demon. They decide to perform the ritual, aiming to trap and interrogate the demon about the victims and their bargains.

Binding the Demon

Supernatural Season 2 Episode 8

Upon summoning the demon, the Winchesters manage to bind her using a special ritual. They confront her about the recent deaths, and she reveals the terms of the demonic deals: the individuals get what they wished for but are only granted ten years to live.

Supernatural Season 2 Episode 8

Learning that another victim, a musician named Robert Johnson, is next on the list, Sam and Dean race against time to break his deal and save him. They face challenges but manage to free Robert from his contract.

Facing Consequences

However, their actions have consequences. The brothers’ interference angers the hellhounds, demonic creatures that serve as the enforcers of crossroad deals. The episode concludes with the brothers evading the hellhounds and pondering the morality of their actions.

Supernatural Cast List:

  • Sam Winchester: Jared Padalecki
  • Dean Winchester: Jensen Ackles
  • Crossroads Demon: Jeannette Sousa
  • Robert Johnson: Wayne Charles Baker
  • Other various guest stars and supporting characters.


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