Supernatural Season 1 Episode 4

In Supernatural Season 1 Episode 4, the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, dive into an alarming case. A plane has plummeted from the sky under inexplicable circumstances, prompting the duo to investigate. Their deduction? A malevolent demon with a penchant for possessing the unsuspecting and causing fatal crashes.

The stakes are raised as they uncover the demon’s sinister plan; the seven fortunate survivors of the first catastrophe, including the pilot and a stewardess, are next in line.


An Old Friend’s Distress Call – Jerry Panowski

Supernatural Season 1 Episode 4

Dean receives a call from Jerry Panowski, a character from the duo’s past whom they had aided in better days. As an air traffic controller, Jerry is perplexed by a recent crash of his friend, Chuck Lambert’s plane. Peculiarly, a cockpit voice recording reveals the chilling words “no survivors” despite the survival of seven individuals.

The brothers subsequently seek out survivor Max Jaffe, now voluntarily confined to a psychiatric facility. Jaffe recounts an eerie spectacle of a fellow passenger – George Phelps – tearing open the emergency exit with blackened eyes, despite the immense pressure guarding the door. George’s wife, however, reports no peculiarities leading up to the flight.

Traces of the Supernatural – Unearthing Demonic Evidence

A thorough inspection of the crash site provides the brothers with a critical clue – traces of sulfur. The narrative of demonic possession begins to unravel. The ominous story takes another grim turn when Jerry alerts them about Chuck Lambert’s death in a separate crash. Both planes had uncannily crashed forty minutes into the flight, with sulfur present on the wreckage.

Realizing the demon’s plan to eliminate all survivors of the original crash, the brothers find Amanda Walker, the only one scheduled to fly again soon. Despite failing to dissuade her, the brothers decide to board the same flight to exorcise the demon. Dean, battling his fear of flying, is reluctant but eventually agrees.

The Climactic Exorcism – Defeating the Airplane Demon

On the plane, the brothers identify the possessed co-pilot and with Amanda Walker’s assistance, manage to draw him to the rear of the aircraft. An intense exorcism commences. The demon discloses knowledge of Jess’ death before it is eventually exorcised, allowing the plane to land safely.

Post-adventure, Jerry reveals he got Dean’s cell number from John’s voicemail, their supposedly missing father. Shocked, the brothers dial his number to find it active, directing callers to Dean’s number. The startling discovery provides the first hint of their father’s existence.

Supernatural Season 1 Episode 4 – Cast

In this riveting episode, we see:

  • Sam Winchester
  • Dean Winchester
  • John Winchester (voicemail)
  • Amanda Walker
  • Jerry Panowski
  • Max Jaffe
  • Chuck Lambert
  • George Phelps
  • The malevolent Airplane Demon

Each episode of Supernatural Season 1 builds suspense and deepens the enigma surrounding the Winchester brothers’ journey. Episode 4 is no exception, introducing us to a chilling new demon, heart-wrenching losses, and stunning revelations. Stay tuned for more reviews and recaps!

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